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Embrace Clarity: Emotional Baggage Clearance Session

March 1 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Here are the details of my upcoming event, “Emotional Clearance,” which focuses on helping people clear emotional baggage. Emotions are not just momentary reactions; they can get stuck inside us and affect our thoughts, feelings, and health without us realizing it.

When we experience an emotion, our body creates a certain feeling or vibration, like happiness or sadness. We also have accompanying thoughts and physical sensations. Normally, we let go of the emotion and move on, but sometimes this process is interrupted, leading to trapped emotions.

Trapped emotions, which many people aren't aware of, can cause issues like headaches, physical pain, depression, anxiety, and various other health problems. The event aims to provide insights and techniques to release these trapped emotions for better emotional well-being.

Click on the link below and book your space.

Love, and Light to you all.


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